Clara Kos

Art director & Digital Designer

Logically minded & Creative at heart

I am a digital designer based in Paris, France.
And I've been doodling on the web for 3 years now.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to collaborate with me on a digital or print project, don't worry I don't bite....hard.

A bit more about moi


Enthousiastic and hardworker. I always look forward to improving my knowledge and skills.


Sometimes I wonder what my life would be without adobe (Ps, Ai, Ae, Id, Fl, An, Pr) Blender, Cinema 4D, Slack, Trello.


My high school diploma was in a specific "advanced english" section because I have always been fascinated by the english and american cultures. Every accent has its own melody to me. Hope we will meet one day while taking a walk in central Park or having a cup of tea next to the thames.

Motion Design and Video Editing

I discovered my digital design passion while creating my first "movie" and it's been a love story ever since.
Check out my vimeo channel

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- Education -

  • HEC Paris

    Prizewinner at the Start-Up Academy (Ranked 2/10)

    Jan 2015-Feb 2015

    - Logo, Graphics standards, Wordpress, Mockups App. - Lean Startup, Business-Model Generation, Customer Development, MVP.

  • Sup'Internet

    Bachelor’s degree in Web Creation & Design (Major)


    Webdesign, Digital design, Motion Design, UX Design, UI Design, Testing, 3D animation, Drawing, Photography, Web Culture, Art Culture, Digital Laws

  • Lycée Claude Monet

    High school diploma with honours


    Where I learned to speak Advanced English,
    Italian (Beginner) and German (Beginning to become a beginner again)

- Experiences -

  • The Social Client

    Web & Graphic Designer

    feb 2016-July 2016

    - UX / UI design, Models Site, Newsletters.
    - Print (Posters, Infographies, Catalogue, Labels and tea Box packaging)
    For 18 different costumers (Sosh, FDJ, SFR, Club Med, Wonderbox, Hello Bank, Aviva...)

  • Yoopies

    Artistic Director

    Juin 2015-Oct 2015

    - Posters (in undergound station) and smaller size posters, Flyers, Newsletters.
    - UX / UI design, Models Site and Application,
    - Illustrations, iconography, Logos.

  • Freelance

    Sept 2013-Nov 2016

    Comparabus & Yoopies

    - Iconography for web purposes.

    Scope Conseils

    - Logo creation, digital identity.,

    - Logo creation , Pictograms, Photo editing, web banners.

    Ego (App) & Maker Hero (Dashboard)

    - Wireframes, App models, UX/UI Design, Logo.

    - Webdesign Models , UX/UI design.

    Focéen - École Centrale Marseille (Top-ranking french engineering school)

    - Video editing


Blender, Cinema 4D, Edge Animate
After Effects, Adobe Premiere
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4 months in a Start-up

Projet Illustrator

The social client

6 months in a Digital agency



UX Design

Portfolio Image


En tant que responsable Design ,j'ai eu l'occasion de créer logo, maquettes de site et d'application et illustrations pour ce projet qui va surement bientôt prendre vie inchallah

Projet Illustrator

Illustrator projects

My improbable creations

Portfolio Image

À la manière de Purvis

Projet réalisé dans le cadre scolaire au cours d'une semaine intensive d'utilisation du logiciel illustrator. Le but étant de prendre une photo et de se l'approprier pour s'entraîner à l'usage de la plume.


Gestion de Projet Rush

Portfolio Image


À l'occasion d'une semaine "Rush gestion de projet", j'ai pu, en tant que chef de groupe, me confronter aux difficultés budgétaires, logistiques et sociales de la gestion d'un projet, tout en produisant des maquettes de site web et d'application.

Voir le site

Motion, 3D & Video

Portfolio Image

3D project - OFFF Festival opening

Here's an example of a 3D project. Check out my vimeo profil to see some of my other projects in Motion Design, 3D Design and Video Editing
(using After Effects, Blender and Adobe Premiere).

Check it out on my vimeo !

Vidéo Podcast

Version Responsive

Portfolio Image

Vidéo Podcast

Entraînements au zoning et au mockup dans le cadre d'un cours de webdesign appliqué pour la création d'une plateforme au sein de la communauté de youtubeurs.


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